1. Head west on Bridge St W/ON-28 S/ON-62 S toward Mill St
    Continue to follow ON-28 S
  2. Turn right onto Paudash Lake Rd
    11 mn (13.7 km)


  1. Head north on Paudash Lake Rd
  2. Turn right toward ON-118 W
  3. Turn left onto ON-118 W
    20 min (26 km)

Tory Hill

  1. Head southwest on ON-118 W
    Take County 507 Rd to Lakehurst Rd/Regional Road 37 in Harcourt
  2. Continue straight onto Haliburton County Rd 503
    8.Continue onto County Rd 503
  3. continue onto Haliburton County Rd 503
  4. Turn left onto Haliburton County Rd 507 (signs for Buckhorn Road/Buckhorn/Regional Road 507)
  5. Continue onto County 507 Rd
  6. Turn left onto Peterborough County Rd 36 (signs for County Road 36 N)
  7. Turn right onto Lakehurst Rd/Regional Road 37 (signs for County Road 37/Lakehurst Road)
    43 min (5km)


  1. Head northwest on Lakehurst Rd/Regional Road 37 toward Peterborough County Rd 36
  2. Continue onto Peterborough County Rd 36
    16.Turn left onto ON 28 N (signs for Ontario 28 N)

Burleigh Falls

  1. Head northwest on ON-28 N thoward Fire Rte 2
    5 Min (7.8km)

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