Campbellford (In Honour of Charles Indian Day)

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Campbellford (In Honour of Charles Indian Day)

“Iron Chief Charlie” Charles W. Mahoney’s “Charlie’s Indian Day” ride met at his shop (known as
the Indian Motorcycle Museum) at 204 Grand Road, Campbellford from 1984-2008 on the first
weekend, in July annually. Charlie, an expert bike mechanic, had a passion for Indian
Motorcycles. He bought his first, a six-year-old Indian inline four-cylinder, in 1935. It is said that,
from that moment on, he lived, breathed, worked, slept and dreamed Indian bikes- even
courting his late wife, Jeanne, from his Indian.
He loved motorcyclists and enjoyed mentoring younger Indian aficionados. The ultimate Indian
enthusiast, he was never too busy to talk about, ride or work on Indian bikes. Charlie presided
over the relaxed annual get-together along Grand Road until his death, at 85, in 2004.


  1. Head east on Bridge St W/ON-28 N/ON-62 N toward Hastings St S
  2. Turn left at the 1st cross street onto Hastings St N/ON-62 N (signs for Barry’s Bay)
    Continue to follow ON-62 N
    20 min (23.2 km)


  1. Head east on ON-62 N toward Old Hastings Rd
  2. Turn left onto ON-127 N (signs for Lake Saint Peter/Whitney/Algonquin Park)

SKIP ITEMS 5-8 (Instead, follow ON-127 to ON-60E)

  1. Turn right onto ON-60 E (signs for Barry’s Bay)
  2. Head east on ON-60 E
  3. Turn right onto Bay St/Renfrew County Rd 62
    32 min (46.7 km)

Barry’s Bay

  1. Head south on Bay St/Renfrew County Rd 62 toward Inglis St
    Continue to follow Renfrew County Rd 62
    Ontario KOJ 1LO
  2. Head east on Combermere Rd/Renfrew county Rd 62 toward Dafoe Rd/Renfrew County Rd 517
  3. Turn right onto Dafoe Rd/Renfrew County Rd 517 (signs for County Road 517/Boulter/Fort Stewart)
    5mins (3.8km)

Dafoe Rd

15. Head west on Dafoe Rd/Renfrew County Rd 517 toward Peplinskle Rd
16. Continue onto Hwy 517
17. Continue onto Boulter Rd
19min (17.0km)


  1. Head south on Boulter Rd toward Kuno Rd
  2. Turn right onto Hwy 28 W/ON-28 S
    Continue to follow ON-20 S
    29 min (37.3 km)


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