Check Out Chandos

by | Jan 3, 2022 | BBIA

Check Out Chandos

Chandos Lake is about 4280 acres in size and up to 157′ deep. It’s known for Lake Trout, Bass & Northern Pike.


  1. Head south on Mill St/ON-62 S toward Gaebel Rd
    Continue to follow ON-62 S
    2.Turn right onto Hwy 620 (signs for Coe Hill/Apsley)
    24min (320 km)

Hwy 620

3. Head west on Hwy 620 toward The Ridge
4. Turn left onto Peterborough 504

  1. Head south on Peterbor
    504 toward Halls Rd
  2. Sharp left onto Goodson Rd
    6 min (5.7km)


  1. Head south on Goodson Rd toward Peterborough 504
  2. Merge onto Peterborough 504
  3. Turn left onto Burleigh St/Peterborough 504
    192 min 12.7 km


  1. Head northeast on Burleigh St/Peterborough 504 toward Wellington St
    Continue to follow Burleigh St
  2. Continue onto Hwy 620/Peterborough 620
    Continue to follow Hwy 620
    24min (30.1km)


  1. Head west on Hwy 620 toward The Ridge
  2. Turn right onto Lower Faraday Rd
    13min (12.2km)

Lower Faraday Rd

  1. Head west on Lower Faraday Rd toward Hackmatack Rd
  2. Turn right onto ON-28 N

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