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  1. Head east on Bridge St W/ON-28 N/ON-62 N toward Hastings sts
  2. Turn left at the 1st cross street onto Hastings St N/ON-62 N (signs for Barry’s Bay)
    Continue to ON-62 N
  3. Continue onto Hastings County Rd 62 (signs for ON-127/Whitney Algonquinpark Lake Saint Peten
  4. Continue onto Combermere Rd/Renfrew County Rd 69
    42min (54.9km)


  1. Head east on Combermere Rd/Renfrew County Rd 62 toward Dafoe Rd/Renfrew County Rd 517
  2. Turn right onto Palmer Rd/Renfrew County Rd 515 (signs for Palmer Rapids/Quadeville/County Road 515)
  3. Turn right onto Burnt Bridge Rd
  4. Turn right
    12 min (13.7 km)

Palmer Rapids

Take Schutt Rd/Renfrew County Rd 514 to Hwy 28 E/ON-28 €
9. Head south toward Burnt Bridge Rd
10. Turn left onto Burnt Bridge Rd
11. Turn right onto Palmer Rd/Renfrew County Rd 515
12. Turn right onto Schutt Rd/Renfrew County Rd 514 (signs for County Road 514 Hardwood Lake)
Take ON-41 S to Flinton Rd/County Rd 29 in Northbrook
13. Turn left onto Hwy 28 E/ON-28 E (signs for Denbigh)
14. Turn right onto ON-41 s (signs for Napanee)
Follow Flinton Rd/County Rd 29 to Trans Canada Hwy/ON.7 in Tweed
15. Turn right onto Flinton Rd County Rd 29 (signs for Flinton Road/ON-29)
16. Turn left to stay on Flinton Ro/County Rd 29
17. Turn right onto Bridge Water Rd/Flinton Rd/County Rd 29

Drive to ON-62 N in Bancroft

  1. Turn right onto Trans-Canada Hwy/ON-7
    19.Turn right onto ON-62 N
    2h 25 min (96 km)

While you’re in the area visit Bon Echo Park. You’ll love the 100-metre high Mazinaw Rock
featuring over 260 Indigenous pictographs

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