The Gut Conservation Area

South of Glen Alda and about 11 km east of Apsley is a unique, 400 acre, conservation area known as The Gut. A dramatic turn in the Crowe River forces the water over a falls, becoming a rugged gorge where the river has carved its way through thirty meters of Precambrian rock. The fissure that forms the gorge is over 30 meters high and varies from 5 to 10 meters in width. This Conservation Area features walking trails, a parking lot, a look-out area, and a stairway down to the gorge. The gorge presents a breathtaking glimpse of this unique terrain. 

From Havelock, at Hwy 30 and 7, turn right on to County Rd # 46, Travel 42 km/ 26 miles to within 50 meters of Hwy 504 intersection, turn right onto Lasswade Rd and travel 6 km/ 4mi, look for the Gut Conservation Area sign and turn right on road for 1 km/.6 mi to the parking lot.