May van Roon

Artist & Floral Designer

Maike Bloem Flowers & Maker Studio
18 Snow Rd., Bancroft, ON

My entire adolescent life was surrounded by gardens, flowers & nature, thanks to a wonderful upbringing living in the country.  Playing in nature, doodling, maintaining the gardens with family and listening to grandpa talk about birds and his many life experiences was a part of my everyday life.

My official training as an artist started in high school, where I took every available art class throughout each semester and used any free time to sit outdoors or wander inside to the art room to experiment with a newly learned medium.

Well after graduating I continued with my own personal practice, where I achieved a considerable amount of artistic exploration & knowledge.  My knowledge in school started from a basis in art history and different mediums such as acrylic paint, chalk pastel, silk screen, black room photography, sculpture & digital media.

My creative exploration continued on to 2017, where I successfully completed a certificate floral design program taught by some of the most talented and professional high-end designers known to the floral industry.

This delightful program opened up my creativity even more and also is a direct inspirational influence in my continuing to explore art and its many forms.

From an artist perspective, my love for floral design & art goes very well together as continued inspiration from each design I create. I love color and color combinations, contrast & shapes and like to display these elements in both a detailed and abstract form. 

I find art very mindful and enjoy it when I do a piece of art just because I like the subject, then find meaning or a catchy title for it after I am finished or during the process.

What inspires my work is the desire to show something out of the ordinary and have someone look at my art and try to figure out the message or meaning behind it.  Whether it be a particular glance in a portrait, a cool color combination or unique shape found in nature.

Outside of my current abstract collection, Bird & Flowers; more of my artwork comprises but is not limited to, portraits, fantasy art, watercolor & still-life photography.

Places where my work has been displayed and sold are; Create Waterloo Art Market, Cafe Pyrus Waterloo, The Painted Mug Kitchener, A Place For The Arts Bancroft, Bancroft & Area Autumn Studio Tour &, BIA Mural Art Project.