Shake the Shield

by | Jan 3, 2022 | BBIA

Shake the Shield

Bancroft’s Tri-County Motorcycle Route

Road surfaces vary from asphalt to packed tar & chip + seasonal conditions may change or road work may exist.

  • Not all attractions/accomodations/attractions are indicated on this map. A complete list of area campgrounds, hotels, motels, b & b,
    cottage/resorts, restaurants and attractions is posted on the directory at along with a number of other routes for
    you to enjoy

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Start: Bancroft @ Hwy 62S & Bridge Street
S to Hwy 620
R Hwy 620 to Lower Faraday Rd
Old Hastings Road in Ormsby
R Lower Faraday Rd to Hwy 28S
L Hwy 28s to Dyno Road
S Dyno Rd northwest to Hwy 118E
L Hwy 118 to Loop Rd/Hwy 648
S Hwy 118 to Elephant Lake Rd (Haliburton Cty Rd 10 which
turns slightly right and becomes Peterson Rd.) to Hwy 62N
L Hwy 62N to Centreview Rd
L Centerview Rd to Siberia Rd
R Siberia Rd to Cemetery Lane
R Cemetery Lane to Island Lane
L Island Lake to Lakeshore Dr
R Lakeshore Dr to Hwy 62N
L 62N to Stafford St
R Stafford St to Opeongo Square
L Openongo Sq to Hwy 60W
L Hwy 60 to Paugh Lake Rd
NOTE: Although it is absolutely beautiful, there is a short
length of gravel this way & you may opt to stay directly on
Hwy 60E
R Paugh Lake Rd to Wilno Rd N
R Continue on Wilno Rd N to left at T
Veer Right to stay on Wilno Rd N to Smaglinski-Stoppa Parkway
Hwy 60E short jaunt to Wilno Rd S
R Wlno Rd S to Opeongo Rd
L Opeongo Rd to Foymount straight through to Foymount Rd
S Foymount Rd to Sebastopol Dr
R Sebastopol Dr, ride up to the tower and take in the
extraordinary view
~ Back track down the hill to Foymount Rd
L Foymount Rd to Hwy 515/Quadeville Rd
Quadeville Rd to Letterkenny Rd
S LetterKenny Rd to Rockingham Rd
L Rockingham Rd to Palmer Rd
R Palmer Rd to Hwy 62S
L Hwy 62S to Dafoe Rd/Country Rd 517
L Dafoe Rd to Boulter Rd
L Boulter Rd to Whytes Rd
R Whytes Rd veer left at Mallard Lake Rd through Hermon to
Hwy 28E
R Hwy 28E to Bancroft

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Fun Facts!

Barry’s Bay is home to the last remaining wooden water tower in the province.

Zurakowski Park (Barry’s Bay) honours the Avro Arrow and test pilot, former resident, Janusz Zurakowski (1914-2004)

Wilno’s Polish Kashub Heritage Museum celebrates Canada’s first Polish Settlement.

Foymount is a small community that was a military radio station during the cold war. It was abandoned in 1974.

Scarface, Al Capone, had a hideaway near Quadeville. The folks at Kauffeldt’s Store can tell you a bit about that!

In 1912, A dead man saved 3 lives . Local, steam-powered, 72′ long, paddlewheeler “The Mayflower” sank in Kamaniskeg Lake, during a bad storm on November 12, 1992. 9 souls were lost but three survived, by clinging to a coffin containing the body of John Brown that was being transported to Schutt, via Combermere for burial.

Now a ghost-town, Craigmont was once a booming mining settlement with 600 residents.

Part of the Canadian Shield, the local hills were, at one time, comparable to today’s Himalayas. The minerals & crystals found in this area make it very special and unique! Get an absolutely stunning view of them on your way through Boulter!

The Gut Conservation Area is south-west of Coe Hill off the South Road. Walking trails to a lookout over the spectacular 30 meter high gorge.

In 1961, Havelock Bank robbers buried $230,000 somewhere in the woods, near Coe Hill. The thieves were apprehended near the Gut. The money has never been recovered

The Lloyd Watson Centre in Wilberforce has been hosting an annual Maple Syrup Festival for over 40 years.

The Peterson Road is a colonization road at Maynooth that leads toward the southernmost tip of internationally renowned Algonquin Provincial Park.