St Ola

A small hamlet named after the parish of St. Olaf in Kirkwall, Orkney Islands. Follow Highway 62 south from Bancroft, about 30 minutes.  Note that you pass the Coe Hill turn at 620 and carry onto Trudy’s Store. Turn left on St. Ola Road, follow to the Village.

St Ola, at its peak, was a mill town, with a saw mill, first operated by Mr. Canniff, and the grist mill operated by Timothy Solmes. The mill burned down and Canniff, who was unable to rebuild it, so Mr. P.P. Clark took over and built a more modern mill, with a circular saw. The first saw in the first mill was an upright saw. St. Ola had a post office (1870-1970), Orange Lodge and train station at one point.  The Old St. Ola Cemetery is located on Lot 14, Conc. 2, Limerick Township.
Flowing over the St. Ola dam, the Beaver Creek flows southwesterly under Sutton Road and Highway 62 . Here, the river bed turns rocky and canoeing is more difficult.