Melody McLean

Melody McLean, the artist behind Amberwing Art Studio, was born into a creative family and raised on her family farm in New Brunswick, Canada. Although possessing a natural artistic talent, her constant exploring of the outside led her to choose an education and career in the world of biology. She has worked in the environmental field ever since. Melody has never received any formal fine arts training and has learned much of her art form through trial and error. Her trademark is in the detail of capturing the magic of a moment, in an attempt to provide the audience with a similar feeling.

Much of her inspiration comes from her deeper understanding of the landscape and the complex relationships within it. She enjoys bringing a spotlight to the rare beauty, found in the smallest of details. She mainly works with watercolor and acrylic paints. However revels in working with different mediums when given the chance.

She is currently based out of Marmora, Ontario, although her painted subjects are inspired by the places she has worked and travelled throughout the Maritimes of Canada, Quebec and Ontario. When she is not painting, she spends much of her time outside in the woods or on a lake.

Melody McLean
Amberwing Art Studio
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