Western Loop

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Western Loop


  1. Head west on Bridge St W/ON-28 S/ON-62 S toward Mill St
    Continue to follow ON-28 $
  2. Turn right onto Paudash Lake Rd
    11 min (137 km)


  1. Head north on Paudash Lake Rd
  2. Turn right toward ON-118 W
  3. Turn left onto ON-118 W
  4. Turn right to stay on ON-118 W
    10 min 16.6

Tory Hill

  1. Head northwest on ON-118 W toward L. B. & O. Rail Trail
    3min (46 km)


  1. Head south on ON-118 E toward Paynes Rd
    Turn left onto Essonville Line/Haliburton County Rd 4 (signs for County Road 4/Wilberforce)
    mn (20 km)


  1. Head north on Loop Rd/Haliburton County Rd 648 toward School Rd
  2. Turn left onto s Baptiste Lake Rd/Haliburton County Rd 5 (signs for County Road S/South Baptiste Lake Road)
    Continue to follow S Baptiste Lake Rd

Birds Creek

  1. Head east on s Baptiste Lake Rd toward ON-62 S
  2. Turn right onto ON-62 S (signs for Ontario 62 S)
  3. Turn right onto Bridge St W/ON-28 S/ON-62 S


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