Loyalist Parkway

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Loyalist Parkway


The Parkway, Ontario County Rd 33, follows the north shore of Lake Ontario, providing views of
the lake and islands offshore. Add some maritime excitement to your trip by catching the
Glenora Ferry, which joins two parts of the mainland (Glenora & Adolphustown). Small farms
and villages, set among mature trees, line the route. You will see many old buildings, historic
markers, monuments and beautiful places to stop. The road is winding, not very hill, but in good


Take ON-62 S, County Rd 33, County Rd 12 and County Road 18 to Adolphustown, ON – Glenora, ON in Prince Edward

  1. Head south on Mill St/ON-62 S toward Gaebel Rd
    Continue to follow ON-62 S
  2. Turn left onto St Lawrence St W/ON-62 S
  3. Turn right at the 1st cross street onto Durham St S/ON-62 S
    Continue to follow ON-62 S
  4. Turn right onto Moira Rd/County Rd 8/Regional Rd 8 (signs for Stirling Road/Stirling)
    Continue to follow County Rd B/Region Rd 8
  5. Turn left onto North St/County Rd 14
  6. Turn right onto w Front St/County Rd 8/Regional Rd 8 (signs for County Road 33)
  7. Turn left onto Frankford Rd/County Rd 33/Regional Rd 33 (signs for County Road 33)\
    Continue to follow County Rd 33/Regional Rd 33
  8. Turn right onto Rosebush Rd
  9. Turn left toward Glen Ross Rd
  10. Turn right onto Glen Ross Rd
  11. Continue onto Trent St N
  12. Continue onto Trenton Frankford Rd/County Rd 33
    Continue to follow County Rd 33
  13. At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto Trenton Sy/County Rd 33
    Continue to follow County Rd 33
  14. Slight right onto Division St/County Rd 33/Ontario County Hwy 2 (signs for County Road 33)
    Continue to follow Ontario County Hwy 2
  15. Turn left onto Dufferin Ave/County Rd 33
    Continue to follow County Rd 33
  16. Turn right onto Narrow st
    17.Narrow st turns left and becomes Water St
  17. Water St tums left and becomes West St
  18. Turn right onto Wellington Main St/County Rd 33
    Continue to follow County Rd 33
  19. Turn right onto Bloomfield Main SUON-33 E (signs for ON-62/Picton)
  20. Turn right onto Stanley St/County Rd 12/Regional Rd 12 (signs for County Road 12/West Lake Sandbanks)
    Continue to follow County Rd 12
  21. Turn left onto County Road 18
  22. Continue onto County Rd 10
  23. Turn right onto County Rd 22
  24. Turn right onto Bridge St
  25. Continue onto Loyalist Pkwy/ON-33 E
  26. Take the Adolphustown, ON – Glenora, ON ferry to Greater Napanee
    28.Continue straight onto Hwy 33/Loyalist Pkwy/ON-33
  27. Turn left onto County Rd 8
  28. Continue straight onto S Shore Rd
  29. Turn left onto County Rd 8
  30. Turn left to stay on County Rd 8
  31. Turn left onto County Rd 9 (signs for County Road 9)
  32. Turn left onto Centre St S/County Rd 8
    Continue to follow Centre St S
  33. Continue onto Lennox and Addington County Rd 41
  34. Turn left onto County Rd 3 (signs for County Road 3/Marlbank)
  35. Continue onto County Rd 32
  36. Turn left onto Marlbank Rd/County Rd 13/Regional Rd 13
    Continue to follow Marlbank Rd/County Rd 13
  37. Turn right onto ON-37 N
  38. Turn left onto Trans-Canada Hwy/ON-7 (signs for Madoc)
    It’s about an hour from here, back to Bancroft
    Head north on Trans-Canada Hwy/ON 7 toward
    Trans-Canada Hwy/ON-7
    13.3 km Turn right onto ON-62 N
    70 km
    Stoco Lake ~ Tweed

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